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They are lying again, it's a reflex. I followed this war in as much detail as possible, bloggers actually had compelling on-the-ground reports. Boy the Russian Army then is nothing like it is today.

Here is a snip from Nicolai Petro who also has a timeline somewhere:

"After the attack, Russia also appealed directly for assistance to the Russia-NATO Council, a forum created to help resolve conflicts which might arise between Russia and NATO, but, as with Russia’s other efforts to obtain an immediate ceasefire, this one was thwarted by the United States.103 When Evans argues that Russia’s legal position is weakened by the fact that it at- tacked inside Georgia proper after Georgia had signed a ceasefire agreement presented by OSCE mediators, he fails to mention that Georgia was only willing to accept a ceasefire when its military incursion faltered.104 In sum, a careful review of the diplomatic record both before and after August 8 reveals that Russia went to significant lengths to obtain international intervention, and intervened unilaterally only when its efforts to obtain a ceasefire were blocked for political reasons." -- Nicolai Petro

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US had a colored revolution with blm. before the head guy in georgia a jew fired on the Russians he called got permission from tel aviv.

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"War boss" Lloyd Austin, like most of his predecessors, is nothing but a house servant for the liberal-fascist CFR network. He joined the CFR in 2013, the same year he was promoted to commander of CENTCOM. He retired from active duty in 2016, and was rewarded with a board position at Raytheon, a major defense contractor and a CFR sponsor.

SecDef CFR members: Austin, Esper, Carter, Hagel, Gates, Rumsfeld, Cohen, Perry, Aspin, Cheney, Taft, Carlucci, Weinberger, Brown, Schlesinger, Richardson, Laird, McNamara, Gates, McElroy, and Lovett.

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