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The NYT is the unofficial press office of the CIA and its sister "intelligence" agencies (read: pro-war propaganda syndicate). Nothing they write can be taken seriously.

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China is a corporatist/fascist system, with a "central committee" command structure. But they still refer to themselves as the "Communist Party of China" (CPC), so DeSantis is not wrong about that. The recent CPC Congress shows they haven't given up on either the imagery or the rhetoric:

"Long live the great, glorious and correct Communist Party of China!" www.fmprc.gov.cn/eng/zxxx_662805/202210/t20221018_10785042.html

The US is also a corporatist/fascist system, where the central committee is hidden behind a smokescreen of "liberal democracy". Here's what the US central committee has to say about their alleged rivals, which they spent the last 50 years building up: cfr.org/backgrounder/chinese-communist-party

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