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The infantile, absurd, and petulant nature of every pronouncement from the collective west and its well paid minions is beyond the pale. Obviously used to keep the low information citizen in a perpetual state of acquiescence to the next outrage committed in their name.

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Kurt, good analysis as usual. Linking this and a couple of other viewpoints on the ICC today by Stephen Lendman and Andrew Korybko @ https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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Thanks KM - ya, How dare a Slavik President and his Children Agencies make a move to shelter slavik children from the American bombs. Let's remember what the US or Israel did to that Iraqi childrens hospital that was set up to help children born with DU ammo poisoning, while keeping records of the areas infected. Needless to say the hospital was wiped of the map, while the US claimed that " insurgency groups were hiding in the hospital. Now that's a story that would get you a cell next to Assange.

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Internationaal Strafhof wil Poetin arresteren voor opvang van vluchtelingenkinderen


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In our so-called democracy they still find it necessary to "manufacture consent" for our next regime change target. Our propaganda is always trying to create a New Hitler. Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad, Putin, Trump. . .

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